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Cagayan State University

The Cagayan State University (CSU) is the largest state institution of higher learning in the Cagayan Valley Region, in terms of enrollment and number of curricular program offerings. The University was established through Presidential Decree 1436, later amended by Republic Act8292 by the integration of all publicly supported higher education institutions in the province of Cagayan.

The university is composed of eight(8) campuses in the growth areas in the three congressional districts of Cagayan; the Aparri, Lal-Lo and Gonzaga campuses in the 1st District; the Piat, Lasam and Sanchez-Miracampuses in the 2nd District; and in the 3rd District, the Andrews and Carig campuses in Tuguegarao City. Each campus is headed by an Executive Officer (CEO) except in Andrews Campus where the University President concurrently acts as the CEO. The seat of governance of the university is at the Andrews Campus, where the central administration holds office.

The university offers courses in liberal arts, social sciences, law, medicine and allied professions, business and economics, natural sciences,engineering, technology, agriculture and fisheries and teaching, among others. It offers the most graduate and undergraduate courses of all the universities in the province of Cagayan.


Advantages of studying Medicine in Cagayan State University:

  • Government University.
  • Low tuition fees @ only U$D 2,000 per year (₹ 1.26/year). No Donation.
  • Education STANDARD is Excellent, USA / American pattern of Education is followed.
  • Tropical disease similar to India. Best for clinical training – not there in China or Russia.
  • English is the Official Language of the Philippines.
  • Easily accessible with flights from all over the world.
  • Education gateway to countries like USA & UK.
  • Philippines has educated & sent 2nd largest number of foreign Doctors to USA.
  • Over 20,000 foreign students are enrolled in Philippines.

University Philosophy

The University serves the INDIVIDUAL by providing the student with a nurturing environment for optimal human flourishing. It serves the COMMUNITY by offering programs responsive to individual and social needs.


To contribute towards the attainment of improved health status among the people in Region 02.


To become a center of excellence in providing quality medical education.

Courses Offered

  • Doctor of Medicine (Traditional Curriculum)
  • Masters in Public Health

Fee Structure:

Cagayan State University, Philippines 5½ Years Program

Particulars BS MD Total
1st Sem 2nd Sem 3rd Sem
1/2 Sem 3/4 Sem 5/6 Sem 7/8 Sem
Fees per anum (USD)
6,000 650 650
2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000
USD/INR rate 65 65 65
Fees per year (in Rupees)
3.90 42,250 42,250
1.30 1.30 1.30 1.30


Other Expenses:
  1. 1 USD = 65 INR
  2. Admission & Visa processing in India –Rs1,50,000 + Service Tax. (Included Air Ticket).
  3. Visa Extension, Visa Conversion, ACR Registration, Medical Test, NBI Registration and Examination Fees is $700 (First Year Only).
  4. If student is below 18 years, then SSP fees @ 300 $.
  5. Visa Renewal from 2nd year onwards is $300.


Living Expenses:
  1. Hostel & Food: Approx. Rs.15,000 / month on actual basis depending upon lifestyle of students.
  2. Indian Food is available.


Other Informations:
  1. There will be NO increase is Fees during the duration of the course.
  2. NO Hidden cost. NO Donation.

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